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Alumio, the best in class integration platform for digital commerce and AI. Built to scale and accelerate your business.

Integration Solutions

Alumio offers a ‘best in class’ integration platform for digital commerce by taking the pain out of the data silos that hold companies back from growing. Moreover, the solution removes the pain of inflexible and unmaintainable hand-crafted integration code that team members spend time deciphering day after day.

Alumio offers a go-to solution for companies searching for a fast, stable, and reliable connection between ERP systems and the new digital software world, such as eCommerce platforms, marketing automation software, and machine learning/AI solutions.

Choosing Alumio means choosing a scalable, high performing, secure and compliant environment to handle your systems and data integrations. We help our clients improve their business processes, accelerate decision-making, and drive better business outcomes.

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Alumio, the integration Platform as a Service, comes seamlessly delivered as a private cloud solution. As y our central location for software integration, you can seamlessly utilize your data, and accelerate process flows across systems, databases, data warehouses, big data streams, and AI solutions. Meet the world’s most flexible, multipoint integration platform built for scalability.

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