A Magento solution… with one significant difference

We are driven to create a superior B2B channel. We help our partners reach optimal ROI from e-commerce technology which is critical for their business. Our dedicated e-commerce teams work with the goal to continuously improve customer experience and (financial) performance. The Youwe B2B Stack is a Magento Solution with all the features you would expect from an enterprise e-commerce platform.

E-commerce for wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers. A seamless integrated solution for all your e-commerce, PIM and portal issues.

  • Developed for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Real-time 2-way ERP integration
  • Real-time stock & customer pricing information
  • Self-service portal
  • Order monitoring for procurement departments
  • Sales support
  • Product management


Together with our 130 colleagues, we continue to make (international) organizations more effective and more relevant for the future, while being supported by the power of Open Source.


With more than 18 years experience, more than 130+ employees and 6 branches, we are one of the leading B2B e-commerce providers in the Netherlands.

Youwe is developing webshops since 2000 and starting 2010 is active on the Magento platform. We have a large team of Magento certified employees, each with skills developed around several specialties. From the beginning, we are relying on these professionals to tackle complex e-commerce solutions. Youwe is Magento Enterprise Partner and also focus partner of Magento (Ebay) due to our excellent knowledge of B2B e-commerce.

Development - 9 years experience
Design - 8 years experience
Marketing - 7 years experience
E-Commerce strategy - 6 years experience
ERP integrations - 5 years experience


Especially for Magento Enterprise, we have developed a B2B suite that enables you to rapidly launch a quality B2B ecommerce platform.

Up-to-date data

Thanks to a real-time integration all channels receive accurate data on product, customer, logistics and finance.

Cost effective sales

By automating all order processes with your back-office, your organisation saves a lot of manual work and time.

Complete self service

Save time by offering your customers complete self-service: Orders, quotations, invoices, open items and deliveries.

High performing

The Magento SAP connector is build and tested for enterprise level performance and data control.

Centralized control

Centralized control over your product data. Products, prices, orders, product details and such can be easily managed from your SAP environment.

Happy customers

Your customers get the latest information about the items in the shop: Current price, order status, stock levels and more.

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