About the company

Klöckner & Co expands online steel trading and focuses on further digitization of the supply chain,” reads the headline of their press release. Meanwhile the Dutch Klöckner shop became a reality!ODS, the German subsidiary of Klockner & Co., is a leading distributor of steel and metal products. In 2013, they achieved a turnover of around 6.4 billion euros in the European and North American market.

“The online shop offers the online experience customers expect in the year 2014 and is a major step towards the complete digitization of the supply chain.”

The challenge

The webshop provides Worldwide access to the multi-metal range and an online experience as the customer can expect in 2014. That’s why, Klöckner chooses efficiency, 24 hour availability and high service standards.
Organizationally speaking, project management within an international field is no child’s play. Clear roles are a must if eCommerce is to be integrated and to operate efficiently in the entire organization. But also technical challenges, as each SAP system is different and stakeholder needs vary.

Success factors

  • Real-time link with SAP ERP system
  • Quick-order import function
  • End-customer able to create accounts
  • Authorization by user
  • Automatic credit check
  • CMS functionality

“Focus on results. 100% digitization gives real insights in performance.”


Improved customer experience, 24/7 availability, high service level and more relevance. Insights in the order process and the self-service functions puts the customer in the driver’s seat.
The eCommerce Platform provides an efficient sales process, the technique regulates various links in the chain and last but not least, a boost in sales from smart cross and up sell features is noticed.