Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of SAP are supported

The SAP Connector supports:

  • SAP S/3 ECC 6.X running on Netweaver 7.3 or higher

Where is the connector installed?

Youwe’s Magento SAP Connector will be installed on the SAP back-end through a transport of an ABAP stack. It can be installed on SAP directly or be placed on the HCI (HANA Cloud Integration).

Can my own SAP partner implement the Magento SAP Connector?

No, 3d party interference may be resulted into the incorrect work of the Magento SAP Connector.

What are the prerequisites of SAP?

SAP ECC6 and higher running on NetWeaver Platform.

Which messaging protocol does the connector use?

The Magento SAP connector uses SOAP web services generated with SAP SOA Manager

Do I need Magento Commerce for the Connector?

No, the connector works with the Magento Open Source as well.

Is the Magento SAP Connector available for other e-commerce platforms?

By default no, but customization can be performed.

Is it possible to integrate Magento with other ERP systems than SAP?

Yes, this is possible. We can help you to integrate your Magento webshop with Microsoft Dynamics as well. If you have any other questions regarding our ERP connectors or if you have another ERP system you currently use that is not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who is performing the installation of the SAP Connector?

The SAP Connector will be installed by Youwe. If this is not possible or not within the comfort zone of the client we can arrange that the installation is done by the SAP partner of the client, but Youwe will not be held accountable for any implementation delays or malfunctioning of the SAP Connector. It is highly recommended that at least a SAP Consultant from Youwe is present during installation.

What is the price of the SAP Connector?

Product(s) Price Period
SAP Connector (S/3 ECC) € 15.000,– Yearly license
SAP Connector (S/4HANA) € 15.000,– Yearly license
Fully integrated Magento

SAP Connector (S/3 ECC) + Magento ERP Suite (M2.X)

€ 20.000,– Yearly license
Fully integrated Magento

SAP Connector (S/4HANA) + Magento ERP Suite (M2.X)

€ 20.000,– Yearly license

NOTE: License will be invoiced from the day of purchase.

What would a model timeline translate to in terms of price (what should we budget for this)?

The SAP Connector has a € 15.000,– license fee.
If you want our Magento ERP extension suite as well that would be € 5.000,– license fee. This Magento ERP suite will enable native integration of the SAP Connector in Magento and also provide multiple ERP and business to business-related features.

Then you probably need mostly 10-30k to implement and finalize the SAP adapter based on your requirements and business logic.
Including the implementation of your Magento installation if you still need to build a Magento site from scratch.

What would be a model implementation timeline? For example, what would be a normal timeline to implement order management, stock management, pricing – the basics with integration to SAP?

We have the adapter up and running within or 2-4 day scoping days. Then you probably need 10-30 days to finalize the implementation. This is when we do the full implementation, but if you assign another Magento or SAP partner to finalize those ends it could take longer depending on their skillset.

Can you maintain promotions on the front end (e-com) which will translate back to SAP – for example, if SAP is not setup as a Retail system, we won’t have the promotion functionality. Can you still do promotions on the front-end and have these synchronized with SAP (finance)?

Yes and no. Yes, it’s possible to set up promotions if SAP accepts different prices from the e-commerce platform and does not recalculate them again.
No, if you want a B2B environment setup, since then you mostly have also all kind of price condition ruling setup in SAP itself. It will get really messy then. However, we just need to look at the process. Where you want to store which data. Our adapter supports all situations, but its a matter of defining the clear process and data entry points.

Can products that have at least a minimum number of items in stock be displayed in our webshop?

This logic is being defined either in our SAP ABAP stack or in the e-commerce platform. Where this should place is to be defined in a pre-phase. But to answer your question. Yes this is possible.

Is there a pre-requisite of how our SAP system needs to be set up? For example, does it need to be setup as a IS-Retail system or can the connector work with core SAP (that’s what we currently have)?

No, just standard SAP is okay. Our adapter is also compatible with additional add-ons, but it’s not mandatory. The more add-ons you have the more complex the SAP mostly is.

Can we use customized programs (proxy) instead of IDocs? Or just IDocs are covered?

Yes, you can. For communication with Magento SOAP and XML are used.

If you have any further questions or want to have more information, please contact us.

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