How it works

Do you want to make use of all opportunities offered by your Magento e-commerce platform, while not sacrificing any of the features of your powerful ERP system? No problem, it’s possible! And it can go very smoothly. The secret is integration! The Magento SAP Connector is a universal communication interface that synchronizes and updates any information between both systems in real time. The connector will immediately adopt the information throughout all touchpoints.

Impressive performance


Second loading time
Days setup

Unique Selling Points

6 Reasons why you should buy the connector.

Up-to-date data

Thanks to a real-time integration all channels receive accurate data on product, customer, logistics and finance.

Cost effective sales

By automating all order processes with your back-office, your organisation saves a lot of manual work and time.

Complete self service

Save time by offering your customers complete self-service: Orders, quotations, invoices, open items and deliveries.

High performing

The Magento SAP connector is build and tested for enterprise level performance and data control.

Centralized control

Centralized control over your product data. Products, prices, orders, product details and such can be easily managed from your SAP environment.

Happy customers

Your customers get the latest information about the items in the shop: Current price, order status, stock levels and more.

Our customers

The SAP Connector is 100% customizable to fit perfectly to the business requirements of your company.

“Product assortments, price structures, stock information and supply chain infrastructures of three different SAP systems perfectly combined into one platform.”


Printing Systems Group

“The coupling of the product information has shortened the distance between worldwide PPG operations. The result: a decrease in costs as well as in the time to market.”


PPG industries

“Multichannel, fully automatized and a loading time of less than 1 second. We have completely shifted to an online organization.”




“Driven by results. 100% digitization gives real insights in performance.”



ODS Klöckner & Co

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