Learn how the connector works and what the benefits are for your Magento platform

The Magento SAP Connector is an off-the-shelf standard SAP e-commerce connector for Magento, which contains more than 22 well-documented and configurable interfaces required for an effective B2B e-commerce platform.

The connector includes:

  • Updates for Magento and SAP
  • The Magento code and scripts to deal with the 22 data feeds
  • The SAP connector (R3/ECC/S/4HANA) which connects all feeds to Magento
  • The interface which ensures the data is 100% accurately processed
  • Expert support for implementation and other issues

More than just a connector

Magento Enterprise Solution Partner.

SAP R3 ECC S/4HANA Connector.

SAP certified ABAP stack. 

Quick implementation: between 5-10 days.

Fast: manage up to 7 million products with a page loading time of 1.2 seconds.

3rd Party connection possible (to PIM, Marketing Automation tools, etc.).

Connection is used more and more for connection to websites.

Updates for future SAP and Magento releases.

Customization of code possible.

See how it works

All possibilities from the Magento SAP Connector explained

The Magento SAP Connector provides direct integration with your Magento platform. In the following videos,
we describe the possibilities this connector enables, based on the Youwe Portfolio.
Sometimes the Youwe ‘B2B e-commerce Suite’ is used to add B2B functionality to Magento.

The videos below show the theoretical, practical and functional sides of the connector.

Introduction to the Magento SAP Connector

  • Magento SAP Connector description and architecture
  • Business benefits
  • Implementation
  • Facts & figures

Handling Companies & Employees

  • Data exchange description
  • The configuration mapping and features
  • Account settings for companies and employees

Customer Specific Information

  • Customer-specific information connected to Magento
  • Customer-specific products and pricing from SAP dealing with 7 MIO products

Sales & Logistic dashboard

  • Dealing with orders from SAP and My Dashboard
  • Handling delivery information
  • Managing logistics, transport routes and delivery dates
  • Order history functionality and wishlists

Catalog Management

  • Handling the masterdata from SAP
  • Building the catalog in Magento
  • Category management

The process of mapping customer data

TECHNICAL TRACK – In this video we’ll take you through the steps one by one to show you how the mapping process of customers from sap to the Magento system works.

The process of mapping catalog data

TECHNICAL TRACK – In this video we’ll take you through the steps one by one to show you how the mapping process of catalog from sap to the Magento system works.

Magento B2B e-commerce suite

In a fast moving market with continuously expanding user expectations and a need for streamlined processes,
real-time data enables the possibility to create a stronger market position and to increase operational efficiency.
Successful B2B commerce is highly dependent on overcoming complexity. To facilitate the ability of companies
using Magento to generate more value and to gain a competitive advantage in the B2B market,
Youwe developed a set of powerful tools called “B2B e-commerce Suite”. In the following videos, you can
get a glimpse of the possibilities with the B2B e-commerce Suite.

B2B Module Companies 

  • Why did we built this?
  • Dashboard summary
  • Account manager details
  • Multiple Companies and Users
  • Authorization to order
  • What will change in Magento user structure?

B2B Module Quick Ordering

• Why did we built this?
• Custom authorization for every user
• Create quick orders (based on history)
• Search for similar users & purchases
• Information realtime retrieved from SAP systems

B2B Module Customer specific information

  • Why did we built this?
  • Dashboard summary
  • Pricing structures
  • Product selections

B2B Module eProcurement

• Why did we built this?
• Custom rights and roles for every user
• Order Limits
• Set up approval workflows
• Full eProcurement

B2B Module Quotes

  • Why did we built this?
  • Requesting quotes from basket
  • Overview of quotes
  • Create orders from quotes

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